Bridging Your Marketing from the Past into the Future

I was asked recently how marketing has changed over the past 25 years. After laughing about how many ways I could answer that question, I said, “While the tools marketers use have changed, the challenges of marketing and communications have not.”

The key marketing challenges of any business have always been:

  • To identify target markets, their key concerns and needs
  • To communicate with clients and prospects simply and directly
  • To educate and inform clients and prospects about all aspects of your business, your philosophy and your value-add to them
  • To remind current clients why they do business with you
  • To provide objective advice that will help your clients make the right decisions

Despite the fact that these challenges have not changed, our approach has evolved because of improvements in the tools we use. Technology provides us with more precise information about our clients and prospects. We can better understand our clients and prospects by studying their demographics and web usage patterns. Using vast amounts of data, we can determine who is most profitable to target in our marketing and what materials will appeal to them. We can now target them with direct mail, email, by telephone and targeted advertising both in print and online. We can then analyze our data and focus our search even further making our marketing much more efficient and effective.

So, how do we learn from our key marketing challenges and apply today’s marketing tools? Over the next few months, I will present you with a number of marketing case studies I have worked on over my career, explaining how we addressed the challenges then and how we would use technology and data knowledge to address these challenges today.

My first article in the series for April is about how to communicate complex financial products and services simply and directly.

WAMM #1 — Marketing Complex Financial Products

I look forward to your comments and observations and to hearing some of your own experiences.


David C. Westcott
President & CMO

Westcott Associates Launches New Branding

After seven years and more than thirty-five clients, Westcott Associates is re-launching our business with a new brand and website. Our emphasis, as ever, is on helping financial firms customize and target their messaging and branding to broaden their reach to new clients.

When you choose a marketing firm to help you launch your company, to advertise your services or to clarify your image, you should ask three questions:

  1. Does the firm understand my business, my industry and my clients?
  2. Do they have the experience to present new approaches to old problems?
  3. Can they create award-winning writing, graphics, animation and video?

Over the past seven-plus years, Westcott Associates has represented personalized service, quality execution and innovative use of media and technology. Our new independent status allows us to provide our clients with greater resources and customized services on a personal level. Going forward, our company is refining our model and leveraging our experience with advanced media production and social media. Our new website reflects the beauty and elegance of design, while incorporating our unending commitment to detail and innovation.

We are excited to begin our new chapter and look forward to continuing our work with our existing clients. Thank you for your support. To our future clients, know that we are going to always surprise you with new and innovative ways to brand your company or to launch new products and services.

As we say in New York – Excelsior! (Onwards and upwards)

David Westcott